Tiff & Tony come playy


Tried a new place in Milpitas for a haircut today — the guy lived in Japan for 10 years and acquired his cutting skills there. Not bad, he’s very meticulous and used a diff layering technique from the usual barber I go to. Ever since she got married, she’s been cutting my hair way too short when I go to her. :( Sighs.

Picked up Tiff and headed back to SF. We were both pretty hungry –visited Brioche Bakery/Cafe and TenRen. Then decided to eat dinner without Tony because we were starving and he was stuck in rush hour traffic. =/ While we were looking for food, I finally found a cute penguin stuffed animal I’ve been searching for! I had a hard time deciding out of two, but went with the black one in the end because his tummy was quite round and fat. :)

We passed by Sotto Mare, and I was pointing it out to Tiffy since I had mentioned it before to her. On a whim, we decided to check it out and see if the wait was long. No wait time at all! We got seated at the bar area in the middle — “best seats in the house!” claimed the waitress — and ordered a cup of clam chowder and the cioppino to share. It was soo filling. I don’t like mussels and clams, but was okay with everything else. Usually cioppino is not that appealing to me either, but I liked how they had pasta included in it! Okay, this is turning into a Yelp review.. which reminds me, I have resumed my goal of trying to become Yelp elite in a short amount of time. My habit died when I went to Asia, but now that I’m back and living in SF, there’s so much to explore! Tony finally made it and joined us as we were finishing up. We ended up at Original Joe’s for his steak dinner and some wine for us two girls.

They decided to stay over, so afterwards, we went to explore some bars! We hit up 15 Romolo and Vesuvia. Different feel to both, but I didn’t realize how many bars there were closeby till now! The goal was to get Tony drunk, which was quickly accomplished. :) Had fun exploring the neighborhood with them. Hopefully I’ll get some more chances to do so when I’m back from NY.

Recap of the past few weeks (just to make myself feel better about blogging)

I was pretty tired and jet lagged when I first got back to the Bay Area. Did a lot of manual labor and driving with my mom, while crashing at a hotel for two nights and in Sacramento for one, during the process of moving to SF and just getting everything together. Finally we decided that it was best to rest first and then slowly move everything needed to SF. When we got to my new apartment (which I love btw!), the first thing I did was set up my bed and go to sleep. After a couple days of resting, I felt much better, but was still jet lagged. I would wake up at 8am and become uncontrollably sleepy around 1am — to most, this may seem like a very good, regular schedule — but I was worried that it would never go away and that I would have trouble with it once work started. (Now I realize that I was simply still adjusting, as I can wake and sleep whenever I want once again.)

CS flew over from HK for grad and stayed for a week. I enjoyed being in the city with him and just chilling. :) We met up with pledge bros and friends, had some very nice dates, and explored the city during the week. He slept a lot during the days, which was understandable because of jet lag and exhaustion from work — was happy that he could get some good sleep in though. We had Cheeseboard and Gregoire’s with his cousin, tried a few of the Italian restaurants in my neighborhood, brunched at Mama’s (so good!!), visited Boulevard for a lunch date, traveled to SJ for Boiling Crab with pbros and Snor, and rushed to In-N-Out for his last meal here before we left for the airport.

He also surprised me early for our one year anniversary! He got me my very first pair of Louboutins (!!) and brought me to Michael Mina’s for a lovely lunch since our dinner plans were all full. Was so surprised. He’s always so good at hiding surprises, while I suck at doing the same because I always get too excited.. Anyways, we took the shoes back to be exchanged for a different color because they didn’t have black at the time, and he wanted to give them to me in person. But that didn’t stop me from taking a picture of them first.. hehe.

Grad was fun and hectic with all the picture-taking, but I was happy that I decided to come back to walk instead of staying in Asia. It gave a sense of ending to my college career. Now I really feel old as I face the inevitable, the beginning of work life. CS’ parents flew over for his grad too. We had a celebratory dinner on Friday (day Haas grad was on) night at Morton’s Steakhouse because House of Prime Rib was all booked by the time CS called. He and I ended up oversleeping during our nap because we had woken up at 5:30am that morning for a Deltasig photo shoot and to travel over to Berk. By the time we woke up, we were late by an hour and a half for dinner with his parents.. who were very worried by then. We rushed over to Morton’s, who still had our table for us. They had customized our menus and decorated the table with confetti that said “congrats”. They also took a group picture of us and printed two copies on the spot to give to us. Good service.

After CS left back to HK, I started organizing my room and catching up with old friends. I gave myself two weeks after grad to chill while I live in SF. It was good to catch up with Chris, Jess, and Anthony on multiple occasions. I finally had Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot with Leung. Nomnomnom, I remember the one in China to be better, but it was still yummy. Good company, good food. We were both so happy that we found someone to watch The Avengers with since all our friends had watched it already. Missed the first few minutes of it though since traffic was awful. BFF EVP saved my life by taking me grocery shopping. Before then, I had starved for three days because I had barely anything in my fridge and was too lazy/poor to continue eating out for every meal. Crashed on his couch after a night of “drinking” (lol not going to explain this) and had to brave through the freakiness of his flickering light that would flicker after I flipped the switch off.

Oh! Almost forgot. I also finally went to Google for lunch! Went with Chris and his loveboat friends who were visiting the Bay Area. Got lunch and toured around with Chris N, who works on Google+. He gave me his extra ticket to the kpop concert too. So I ended up staying on Google’s campus (we enjoyed ourselves at the arcade and on the massage chair) for a while. Went to see Deidre, who also works at Google, who got off work at like 4pm to join her coworkers in line. They were very near the front of the line. Cyn, Tiff, Cyn’s friend Jen, and Jerry and his two friends joined me later. We managed to get decent seats. I haven’t really listened to kpop since freshman year of college, and I was never a big fan, but seeing all the cute girls and guys at the concert was definitely a plus.. they’re just all eye candy!! Ended up missing the last Bart to SF and crashed at Tiff’s place. Mimi, Tiff’s cat, kinda followed me around for a while. He’s soooo cute, but I tried to avoid him as much as I could. I gave in and played with him a bit.. but I tried! My allergies to cats have gotten worse since I don’t interact with them much anymore. It was quite a sniffly night.

Yesterday, I met up with Jizzy, Cindy, and Alex for lunch and then Jizzy and I dragged Alex along to shop a little. I tried to pick up my shoes, but they were still being shipped. SIGH. I hope I can get them before I leave for Sacramento.. Accompanied Jizzy while she shopped at Bloomingdale’s, but Alex and I ended up sitting on a couch and just chatting. Went to Sephora, painted our nails. LOL poor Alex. Got had Ike’s for dinner with BFF EVP while sitting in front of Ocean Beach for Memorial Day! Ike’s is always so yummy! Good company, food, and view. Good day.

Anniversary today. hehe :) Ruv my bbpenguin! Here’s a <3 for you if you’re reading this. Initially after he left, I felt quite lonely in the city, especially since all my friends here have to work. But I have begun to countdown the days till we meet again in NY for training! I can’t wait!

To anyone who’s actually reading this. Sorry for the laundry list. I want to make sure that I don’t look back later and ask myself what I did during the month of May.

Two more days left in the city.

Quick update

It’s been way too long since I posted, and so much has happened!

  • I graduated, or rather, I walked, bringing my college career officially to an end.

  • I moved into SF. I just have to sort out what I’m bringing to NY over summer, and then I’ll be done organizing my room. (one of the views from my rooftop deck!)
  • I postponed the GMAT. HAHA. I knew this was going to happen. I was just doing stuff nonstop since I got back and didn’t get a chance to study, so there was no way I could take it at the end of May.

Another shopping day


Headed to 七浦路 today with my mom. Kat and I had shopped there before, but we went to a center that sold mainly Japanese/Korean styled outfits with a Chinese touch, so I ended up not buying anything. It was still fun to walk around and look at stuff though.

This time, my mom and I ended up at a place that sold more European/American stuff. It also had a lot of Japanese/Korean just because Asia is more into that style in general, but I saw a lot more things that I liked and could actually wear in the states this time. This place was like the night markets in Taiwan, but with WAY more variety (there were 6 floors alone in this one center, and there are many more shopping centers around this area). I think I actually liked this place better for clothes compared to Taiwan.. but Taiwan’s snacks are still incomparable. When shopping in this particular place, the trick is to pretend you own a store and that you’re just buying clothes to sell to your customers. So then when the shop owners sell you stuff, they sell more pieces to you for wayy cheaper than if you were to just buy a couple of items. The normal cost for a couple of items, after bargaining, is still inexpensive though so no worries if you go and can’t speak Mandarin well.

I guess I was pretty productive for only a few hours there. I got a few pairs of shoes afterwards. We stopped on Nanjing Rd. to grab a bite to eat, and then right before we reached home, I made the best discovery of the day: 三兄弟奶茶! It was milk tea with pearls, pudding, and grass jelly in it for only 8 RMB. <3 It really made my day after being so exhausted from shopping.

Longest day ever



Woke up at 8am yesterday to get to my photo shoot appointment on time. Was so painful because I usually get up around noon time. I even tried to sleep at 1am the night before, but tossed and turned for two hours until eventually drifting off.

We reserved a specific photographer, who turned out to be the head photographer, whose style we liked better. His makeup team was awesome. They were so nice and talented. :) The photographer himself seemed more feminine than me.. he kept on teaching me how to make girly poses. He had an assistant running around helping him with lighting and stuff the whole time. It was really funny because of the things the photographer would say to his assistant. Sometimes I would have to hold a pose long enough for the assistant to get lighting right, and by the time the picture was taken, I was already zoning out from trying to freeze my position. It was a long, grueling process, but we finally wrapped up around 5:30pm. The last time time I took these types of photos was when I was 12 years old.. I think once a decade is enough.

Ate some yummy dishes at 望湘园 again, and trudged home. My arms and back were aching with soreness from all the posing and stuff..

Rested for a few hours and went out with Brian, Rui, Eugenia and co. to Zapatas, a mexican bar/restaurant. Wednesdays are ladies’ nights, so they had free unlimited margaritas! And girls were pouring tequila into everyone’s mouths as they entered. I was so happy there was finally a place with margaritas!! They were a lot stronger than expected, so I ended up being very happy the whole night lol. There were a lot more expats at this place compared to M2.. which we ended up at again. But music at both places were awesome. Tried to meet up with Teresa at M2, but.. hahah. My goal was to get home at 2am because it had been a long day, but I still ended up sleeping at 5am. -___-

Just an update

Been shopping everyday and getting some more clothes made. Dying from allergies; it’s the first time I’ve gotten allergies in China!! So painful. :(

I also registered for the GMAT last night (finally), but because the format is changing slightly after June, I’m trying to take it end of May, effectively only giving me a month to study. Soooo stressed now. :( Have all the grad stuff to do in May, as well as move into my apt in SF. I was originally planning to just chill and play around, but now I have to study GMAT everyday. Fml.

On the bright side, I’ve been eating yummy food every day! Definitely going to miss this part of Asia when I go back.

Fun-filled day



Met up with T yesterday for lunch on Nanjing Rd then walked around for a few hours chatting. I was dying from the heat even though it technically wasn’t THAT hot according to T, but I still had to hide indoors to get some aircon. We sat outside in the shade and just chilled for a bit. People here are really annoying; once they see that you’re a foreigner or catch a bit of your conversation, they stare at you as of they’ve never seen someone speaking English before. So yeah, we got stared at quite a lot.. I think at one point someone even took a picture of us.. when we left, the security guards of a store who were standing outside went inside too. T was like, “Were they just outside listening to us talk the whole time?!” lol… I get it quite a lot on the metro and stuff too. I get so annoyed that people just keep staring at you so eventually I glare back at them until they turn away. :/

Came home afterwards and was exhausted from the heat. Then went out at night with B and his friends to M2. First nightlife experience in Shanghai! The club was apparently the best one in Shanghai and was located at 新天地, which is now surrounded by high end brands like Cartier, Tiffany and Co., etc. It was a Monday night, but there were still quite a lot of people. Guess that just stems off the fact that there are a ton of people here in general. The drinks were DIRT cheap. You could buy them one by one for 30-40 RMB, or get ten drink tickets for 100 RMB. Lol $16 for 10 drinks? Woohoo! The drinks that night were slightly on the lighter side, but R said it’s usually a hit or miss; sometimes they’re so strong that it’s like you’re drinking pure alcohol. Night went by pretty quickly. I honestly don’t remember much of the latter half. Only the main things. I think I entertained the idea of grabbing a fiji water from the bar because I became super thirsty, but we ended up going to Family Mart for water and then McDonalds for a snack. (This is what makes you fat when you drink. The food you eat, not the alcohol. Sigh.) I tried my second McSpicy burger (first one was in Hong Kong). It was wayy spicier than Hong Kong’s. Also finally tried the garlic chili sauce CS raves about. So nommyy!!

I thought it was really weird how they allow homeless people to sleep in the restaurant at night.. And all these beggars came up to us while we were eating, which even while drunk I thought was really gross. I already gave money to ones before and this time we gave away fries and stuff..

Got back as the sun was rising, but was a fun day overall!

Cow slaughterhouse

Today I went to meet the photographer who is going to take my pictures that my mom is forcing me to do. They wanted to see me to determine whether the type of photos my mom wanted is possible. Apparently, they turn you down if they think you’ll negatively affect their reputation. I guess I passed, so my appointment is next week.

What I found really interesting that day was not the photos, but the place that the studio was located in. It’s in this building that used to be a cow slaughterhouse, so there were dead ends and weird paths all over the place. It looked like everything was made of cement, and the whole atmosphere was pretty artistic because all the shops were small artsy shops, bridal gown shops, wine shops, etc. The Ferrari owner club of China was located there too. It was definitely a nicer place just within that building, but the area it was in was a pretty crappy part of Shanghai. So random.

No. 1 Restaurant w/ Mommy

That’s what the restaurant’s name is hahah. Decided to try it today since my mom said she read good things about it on the internet. I really liked it compared to some of the other popular restaurants I’ve tried in Shanghai so far!

Before our food came out, as my mom and I were just chatting, she suddenly started saying Yao Ming’s name out of nowhere. I was like huuuuuhh?? Then I realized he was walking past our table lol. I took a stalker picture of him later when he was further away.

We ordered three dishes and one dessert (which I basically ate by myself). My favorite was the 熏鱼, probably since I eat 红烧肉, which was pretty good too, all the time. The fish was infused with the sauce’s flavor already even without dipping it in the sauce accumulated at the bottom. It was so goodd nomnomnom.

Overall, a great experience. Good quality food for a reasonable price at a fancier place. Servings are small, which I like. I’m going back for their afternoon tea sometime, mainly to pig out on their desserts.


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